Muhammad Farooq


Muhammad Farooq having worked in Iraq as Survey Engineer for CDA Baghdad had gained multinational experience at a young age. Later on, he worked as a Field Director for Gulf Consultants Survey Engineers in Pakistan, a firm he started himself in Peshawar and conducted major building projects in collaboration with Pakistan Army. Holding a diploma in Survey Engineering and plenty of exposure in building and construction, he laid the foundation of his own firm Farooq and Co in 1998 and started off with small projects. In 2010, the firm evolved into Farooq and Associates after the establishment of a design wing. Over the years, he has gained experience in building residential and educational projects and is known in the market for his understanding of technicalities and structural details. Today the firm continues to prosper under his esteemed directorship.

Omer Farooq

Director Construction — ACCA

Originally working as a chartered accountant, Omer Farooq left his firm in 2012 to join Farooq and Associates. He has employed his accounting and management skills into organizing the firm, supervising project timelines, schematics and predicting project feasibility. His input has caused the firm’s performance to improve vastly. Currently he is managing the Construction Wing

Khizar Farooq

Principal Architect – B Arch

Khizar Farooq started designing in 2010 while he was still a second year student at The National College of Arts (NCA). After graduating in 2014 he established his own design wing at Farooq and associates.
Khizar is a true follower of “Form follow Function”. He pairs raw and natural materials with fair faced facade acutely aware of the fact that buildings age. The results of his design are buildings that withstand the environment and weathering impact of the elements over the time.

Hareem Farooq

Senior Architect – B Arch

A NUST graduate, who has worked in challenging environments before becoming part of Farooq and Associates in 2017, is driven by her creativity and passion for architecture. She believes in handling building projects with the commitment to fulfill both the client’s expectations as well as the firm’s design philosophies.

Sana Khizar

Senior Architect – B Arch

Sana joined in 2017, since then she has adopted a bold new approach towards Interior Designing. The way she blends retro with brutalism into designing futuristic interior for the firm’s architecture is an art in itself. Using contrasting materials, she designs a simplistic Scandinavian look that is independent of surface ornamentation while staying attentive to detail and lighting, where the aesthetic lies in exposing the raw and true form of the material.

Mavara Ahmad

Junior Architect

A competent student currently studying in NUST, Mavara Ahmad is perseverant and an inquisitive learner. She is also the firm’s dedicated essayist.

Danish Ansari

Associate Photographer

Danish Ansari beholds buildings like the drama they present through the moods, rhythms and motion of their structure and captures it all into a photograph. Having worked in the film industry with other artists before, he took a daring step into the world of architectural photography and is currently working as the firm’s Associate Photographer.

Adnan Iqbal

Senior Draftsman

One of the first employees and a diligent worker, Adnan Iqbal, has been with the firm through thick and thin. Other than being a reliable draftsman, he has commendable office management skills.

Talha Nawaz


Junior most employee at the firm, who has recently joined in, Talha Nawaz works on drafting and project management.

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