We believe in the value and role of design and architecture to initiate change in school pedagogy; the school's educational space and learning environment. We believe a child learns from what he sees and what better place to mould him better than his school, itself? So by bringing in an abundance of natural daylight, colorful interiors and the integrated artwork that contributes to a positive and joyful atmosphere, we strengthen the connection between the students and their community, contributing to the feeling of nurturing and safety. We incorporate green courtyards, multiple breathing spaces, waterbodies, well-lit classrooms, comfortable and bright furniture, child friendly equipment, visual connections and a play of light and contrasting materials that are far more welcoming, exciting and encouraging, as it creatively challenges the students of all ages. Thus the modern school provides a series of flexible spaces by reconfiguring classrooms into learning areas, widening corridors to become useful breakout spaces, including more resources in the learning areas and opening up internal spaces to the outside.