Farm House

Timeless architectural design inspired by the rawness in nature  makes a farmhouse a 'one of a kind' design. The structure is meant to merge well with the surrounding and we intend to keep it subtle and embedded to avoid any outstanding or symbolism. Intimate detailing and spatial layouts are the primary focus of our designing with diverse experiences and pockets of escape to bring in fresh air, maximum daylight and greenery. Flawless beauty and simplicity of nature reflects in every element of the house- whether its the eccentric interiors or the extra ordinary exterior. The aim is to make the structure blend well with the landscape, and incorporating trees and plants everywhere possible, ultimately keeping the place “down to earth.” A farmhouse, which was previously stood for its literal sense, becomes an  ultimate destination to escape from the hectic urban lives. Large wraparound porch, rustic lighting, wooden interiors- all devoid of modernity and its side effects, gives a sense of peace and joy that the urban life fails to deliver.