Health Care

Our design philosophy is governed by the idea that all designed spaces, including transitional exterior spaces, have emotional power. While contemporary architecture has a reputation, deservedly or not, for being at times cold or alienating, the goal is to provide a space where people feel at home and cared for, a space that is warm, receptive, and welcoming. Therefore the spaces are carefully designed to be subtle, understated and imbued with light, to lift the weight from the shoulders of all who visit and work there. Incorporating design features such as access to natural daylight, big windows, bright rooms, local plant life and outdoor views can improve the healing process by giving patients a psychological and physical lift. Consequently, we design holistically and cater to both 'staff-centric architectural design' which improves staff’s perceived workflow and ability to provide care and not get exasperated with time, and 'patient-centric design' which enhances patients’ perceived treatment experience.