The color and material palette includes wood finishes, brick cladding and carpeted floors to grey painted walls and a touch of greens by adding in a few planters; keeping the aura as formal and creating a professional work environment inside.

Important considerations being the noise factor, light reflectance, formal and semi-formal zones, public-private areas, employees and the client's experience. The lighting is all planned out to illuminate the work related zones, like the table tops and book shelves. They break away from the traditional grid like placements, and rather bring in the dynamicity, eliminating the orderly feel of the place. The entire planning of the place revolves around the placements of the bookshelves and the idea of working around in modular compositions generated as to how the shelves can be the solid mass and how the voids can act as transitioning or circulation zones to move around in the space. Such planning allows maximum free areas to move, and provides equal distribution of designated zones to sit and work with concentration.

Client name: Aqlaal Advocates
Project type: Office Interior
Project Duration: 2017-2018
Project Covered Area: 2010 sft
Designed By: Farooq & Associates
Architectural Photographer: Danish Ansari
Text By: Mavara Ahmad
Location: Executive offices, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad.

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