Flexible, adaptable and shared spaces encourage effective interaction that foster active learning, spark creativity, speed innovation and improves productivity. An effective and evolving ecosystem of spaces is accomplished through the intentional combination of spatial zones, designed to accommodate and anticipate changing organizational and employee needs. The places that bring people together need to provide choice and control over where and how they work.

They need to respect and reflect who the people are as individuals, teams and organization. Each office space should have their own breakout spaces to connect to the exteriors. The visual smoothness of the concrete is juxtaposed with the exposed bricks that are comparatively rough - illuminated by the fluorescent lights which have been installed following the grid which the plan of the space follows. The meeting room is designed to be a porous and transparent - that allows the studio work environment to penetrate into the meeting room - which allows the client to understand the ideology and fully encapsulate/essence feel involved into the design process. Materials used are apologetically there.

Client name: Farooq and Associates
Project type: Office Interior
Project Covered Area: 1878sft
Project completion: 2016
Designed By: Farooq & Associates
Constructed By: Farooq & Associates
Structure By: Eng. Sajid Hussain
Text By: Mavara Ahmad
Architectural Photographer: Danish Ansari
Location: Basement Floor, House 138a, Zaraj Housing Scheme, Islamabad.

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