Dr. Shahzad’s residence is sandwiched between a house and the adjacent public road. It is therefore built on an ordinary site with no extra, eye pleasing features. So basically the design revolves around the ideology of creating views within an enclosed space.
The focus is designing the house as an ensemble of internal and external spaces that are engaged in an intimate dialogue.

The residence is designed in such a way that it functions like a tropical house with high ceilings, well lit interior spaces and sufficient amount of windows on most walls.
A wooden deck that overseas garden keeping healthy environment lit for daily usage and formal sitting. Entering the lounge one can notice the double and triple height spaces which connects all floors visually from basement to the mumty, keeping the human touch alive. Entering the lounge one can notice the
patio on the right side which acts as a pleasant green patch confined with bamboos; bamboos are used to keep the privacy from the adjacent house and to grow vines on them. Open kitchen foresees the lounge area connected further to patio to make kitchen activity energetic and connected to the whole house. Furthermore there is a secondary entrance designed as a stone cube for daily use.
The color palette is kept subtly minimal and the same textures are used in the exterior of the house; the base colors being on the monochromatic side. There is an addition of brown spreading across the floors.

The staircase takes you on a journey to staggered floor levels experiencing surprising views and perceiving the connectivity of space horizontally and vertically. The first level being a vegetable roof garden and then a rectangular volume with a tapered window which overlooks the garden which serves the purpose of a formal dining area.
When reaching the second level, one lands on the bridge that connects a semi open terrace to the first floor’s lounge. The terrace provides framed views while still having the space hidden. The bridge also overlooks the ground floor’s secondary entrance. Looking above from the bridge are skylights creating views up towards the sky. From the first floor leaving space, a couple of steps takes you to a small study area that is further connected to roof top.

Basement works as a multipurpose hall creating spaces with simplicity both in the form and overall layout. With a formal sitting in the middle sandwiched between a Zen garden on the right side and a Kashmiri style floor sitting on the left side.
The most promising sight is right when you land on the basement. Featuring a fountain and looking above from it one can see a majestic 37 Feet vertical void enclosed within the skeleton of the staircase and a skylight on top of it.

To enter the house from the car park/driveway, one has to cross the lush green lawn to step on a wooden deck that leads to the main entrance door. The floating wooden deck creates a sense of open space as it pushes the eyes upward and outward. The façade has a two tonal cemented face which is a balance between strong geometries of tapered volume overlooking the softness of green space with vine crawling over the boundary wall. The tapered volume also works as a P-Cap for the wooden deck. The vertical steel louvers, installed on the exterior above the porch, serve to block the line of sight from the outside while also ensuring the residents have unobstructed views from within.
While it is tempting to want to design architecture as a sculpture, it is more important to understand what the building feels like from within.

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