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Bibi Ishrat Zeb's Residence is located in Bahria Spring North, facing the foothills of the region. The road outside is not too busy. The prime location, height and with serene views of surrounding landscape, were the driving forces for the design. Framing the views with large windows, connecting the exterior features with the interior spaces, hence created an illusion of a more spacious feel inside.

Multiple height spaces were designed to enhance the spatial quality and bring in an experience the residents will forever enjoy, also creating harmony, connectivity and comfort within the house. Mainly includes neutral tones in material complementing the building fabric.. Incorporating bridges, to further lighten up the interiors by connecting all major functional areas together, makes it even more sublime, and creates delightful user experiences. Fountains were added to include an audio-visual dialogue within the built and natural features.

Client name : Dr. Zain ul Abideen
Project type : Residential
Plot Size : 277.77 syrds/ 50' x 50'/ 2500sft
Project Duration: 2015-2018
Project Covered Area : 89490 sft
Designed By : Farooq & Associates
Structure By : Eng Naseer-ud-Din (Block A) Eng Sajid Hussain (Block B)
Architectural Photographer: Danish Ansari
Text By: Mavara Ahmad
Location : Block B, Zaraj Housing Scheme, Islamabad.

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